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Hello and welcome to my blog site. I’m starting this blog for my Informatics 303 class and plan to use it primarily for class assignments.

Blog Post #10: Digital-Viral Revisited


Describe how audiences intended and/or unintended engaged with your digital-viral text.

No one commented on my digital-viral text. However, my text did receive many likes and shares. There were no negative reactions to my post. Therefore, my digital-viral text did get the positive reactions I hoped and intended to receive.

Account for how, if at all, your digital-viral text spread. You don’t have to list every individual or social media account that interacted with your work, but do note general trends and patterns with regard to how it circulated (was it remixed or changed at all, for instance?)

My digital-viral text only received likes and shares. There were no remixes of it at all. Close friends of mine and very few strangers viewed my digital-viral text. Therefore, my digital-viral text only circulated among my friends for the most part despite my attempt to make my digital-viral text public. I posted my digital-viral text on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I even included many hashtags on my digital-viral text so that it can gain faster traction. However, the only social media platform it kind of gained some traction in was Facebook; this is probably because I have more friends on Facebook than on the other platforms by far.

If your digital-viral text didn’t spread, account for why you think this might be.

I honestly think my digital-viral text did not spread because of my lack of presence on social media. I am hardly considered an active social media user. I hardly ever post or even share posts. I also do not have many friends so that they could share my post. Another reason my digital-viral text did not spread may be because of the lack of current events relating to my digital-viral text’s topic. I talked about single mothers. There is really nothing in the news that is “note-worthy” regarding single mothers. I think many digital-viral texts that actually go viral are those that are connected in some way, shape, or form to “hot” current events.

What, if anything, would have made your text circulate more? Context, subject matter, platform, exigence, etc.?

For the reasons I stated above, I think changing my subject matter to something more “hot” would make my text circulate more. I also think that if I use someone else’s social media account(s) that have many followers, I would get my text to circulate more, again, for the reasons I stated above.


Blog Post #9: Digital-Viral Assignment

The genre I chose is a combination of image and text. The reason for this is because I felt this was the most appropriate genre for the message I wanted to convey. If I had chosen to do a something akin to a Vine, my message would probably not be taken as seriously because of the reputation of Vines. Image and text genre also requires less thought processing and is less complex than a video. This works perfectly to my favor because people are less likely to ignore something short and to the point.

My subject matter is single mothers. I was raised by a single mom. Therefore, I feel that this is a subject matter I can relate to closely. Because my subject matter is single mothers, I looked for an image that depicted single mothers. When I came across the image I wanted, I found out that I also wanted to include education as the next part of my subject matter. Education and single mothers is closely tied together based on my experience with my mother. Therefore, the next step was to come up with a caption that tied the two together. The image is easily interpreted and so is my caption. Therefore, I have hope that my meme will circulate. I also made sure to include no profanity and a subject that is not controversial to even further make my meme more likely to be circulated. Many people do not appreciate profanity, so more people will like my meme. In addition, because my subject is not controversial, no population will be turned off by this meme. In fact, I was originally going to pick a political subject matter. However, if I were to do so, I would be alienating a large percentage of the population depending on where they sided with the subject matter. Therefore, my meme would not be circulated by that large percentage of the population.

I distributed my meme via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also made sure my meme was available to be seen, liked, and shared by everyone with the respective accounts by making the meme public. Facebook is more widely used by older generations. Twitter is mainly used by celebrities and millennials in general. Instagram is mainly used by younger generations. Therefore, I feel like I making my meme highly accessible by all ages.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.48.44 PM

In-Class Writing: 11/28/17

a. What are the affordances of maps as a genre? What does it do that other genres can’t?

Maps allow for audiences to visualize information more clearly. For example, it is easier to visualize many people dying by seeing dots on a map than by reading that many people died through text. This also allows maps to generate a more impactful relation from its audience as they are able to visualize issues more clearly. Other genres, like text for example, require much descriptive details for audiences to visualize ideas. With maps, however, audiences can see the descriptive details instead. Maps also tie many other genres together such as text, photos, sound effects, etc.

b. What’s the relationship (or a relationship) between a map and space (i.e., location)? How do we make sense of these things in relationship to each other?

c. What does gathering data, presenting it spatially, and creating/designing maps tell you about writing, literacy, and rhetoric, writ-large?

This tells me that writing across media is all connected. One can create something using only data and only writing, for example. However, maps allow for many of these individual types of compositions to come together in order to form maps.

d. What suggestions do you have for improving or otherwise revising this unit? (Things you’d like to see, things you’d like to do, how better to support your learning, etc.)

I would like to have more time to collect data. Finding data is not hard or even tedious I might say. However, actually incorporating all the data one might need into a map is time-consuming.

Blog Post 8: Map Proposal

Gun violence has always been an issue in the United States. There are always new tragedies in the U.S that catch the nation’s attention. These tragedies we are referring to are mass shootings. One of the examples of mass shootings in the U.S is the shooting in Las Vegas. Not only is this one the most recent example, it is also the deadliest in U.S history. Gun control must happen. History tells us that guns are what have led to so many tragedies. Lesley and I are trying to address gun violence. More specifically, we are trying to address mass shootings in the U.S and how they have progressed since the pass of the second amendment. If we were to attempt to address all shootings throughout the U.S, this would take too much time and resources; in addition, this would not add to our message.

Despite so many examples of guns being used to kill so many innocent people, Congress still insists on protecting the National Rifle Association, NRA, because of their financial contributions to senators and representatives; the NRA essentially has Congress in its pockets. No gun legislation has been passed for gun control. This is wrong. Something must be done. We want our map to show Congress and those in opposition of gun control just how much damage guns, more specifically non semi-automatic hand-guns, have done and how they have been used to kill so many people by just one person.

Composing a map is best as opposed to the other forms of mediums. We believe that diagrams such as a map is a great way to visualize and understand our purpose for this composition. When a person visualizes the United States and sees how many mass shootings occurred, we feel like it will create stronger effect, because it will not only focus on one mass shooting but most of them. In addition, we want to show the audience the types of guns used in each shooting to further prove the point that these weapons highlighted are the reason for so many deaths at these shootings.

Our intended audience could be a variety of individuals. However, we want to focus on people in opposition of gun control. They are the intended audience because we want them to be aware that there has been an incline in mass shootings and incline in deaths because of those shootings.

Looking at our idea of our composition, there is a few issues that we can run into. For instance, trying to figure out how we are going to map out the United State’s mass shooting in correlation with years and guns used at each shooting. We were thinking of drawing more than one map for each decade to help compare the years, all while placing visuals of the guns used at the shootings next to the points on the map of the U.S. Another issue that we can possibly run into is actually drawing the map. We are not exactly sure how we will come up with it. We think drawing it digitally might be best and easy to work with. However, we do not really know how to do it. A way to get around this issue is to look up ways on how to make a map online.

Partner: Lesley M Rodriguez

In-Class Writing: 11/2/17

a. This portfolio went better than I thought. I thought it was going to take more time to do, but as I was completing it, both my revisions and my reflective statement went by smoothly.

b. A huge benefit with this portfolio is that you get another chance to submit your best work as opposed to work that may not have been your best. I like to view the portfolio as nothing but positive for this reason. If I had to think of a drawback, however, I guess the portfolio can be very tedious work for someone that has not completed some assignments; the person would then be left with creating many compositions for the first time.

c. The portfolio made me think of writing across media differently by thinking of ways in which multiple media intersect and relate to one another. One may think media are very different from one another, but they are actually more similar than one might think. For example, when creating an emoji story compared to creating graffiti, both compositions have a purpose, audience, multiple interpretations, etc.

d. If I had more time, I would instead work on my reflective statement in conjunction with my revisions for my works. This way I could remember why I made revisions and what those revisions mean for my growth as a writer more efficiently.